Château Roudier

“Each vintage is an invitation to travel in the past. Rain, sun, wind, all the climatic elements have allowed the vine to flourish to give birth to the grape. In each wine resides the memory of a year of work. »


In order to taste your wine in optimal conditions, we advise you to serve it at a temperature between 16 and 18 degrees. However, this rule should not be set in stone. Anyway, don’t be afraid to uncork your bottle half an hour before tasting, or to serve it a little chilled depending on the circumstances. In effect, the temperature will rise quickly in the glass and will thus reveal all the aromas.

If the bottle is less than five years old, it is advisable to decant it one hour before serving. The larger your carafe, the more the aromas will reveal themselves.

If the wine is over five years old, you can drink it thirty minutes after opening. If it is an older wine, then it is better to limit the duration of decantation.

Decanting a wine releases the aromas. However, if you want to appreciate its generosity, its structure in the mouth, the taste of the terroir, then take the time. Start swirling the wine in your glass first to develop the diversity of more volatile aromas. By doing so, you ensure optimum tasting.

Château Roudier is a blend of three grape varieties: mainly Merlot, combined with Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Our desire is to vinify the wines when the grapes reach full maturity, which allows a sublimated expression of the grapes. As a result, the aromatic power at the olfaction level is dominated by aromas of black fruits and liquorice. We find in the mouth this same fruity presence in a beautiful round, frank and fresh substance.


Wine is a living product. Over the years, it evolves in the bottle and in the cellar. The ability to sublimate over time embodies the quality of wines. The vintages of Château Roudier combine several organoleptic qualities allowing it to improve over time. Its level of acidity, its tannins, its concentration, its olfactory richness thus allow the wine to have an aging potential of ten years. However, impatience and curiosity allow consumers to drink young wines, thus revealing their full potential. If the wine spends a few years in the cellar, then it is the maturation of the wine that will be favoured. On the palate, the wines will be more supple, the tannins less marked. The aromas will then be very complex on the palate, combining elegance and freshness.

Food and wine pairing

The food and wine pairing allows you to express all the splendor of the wine while being enhanced by the dish that accompanies it.

Red wines do not tolerate excess acidity (vinaigrette, tomato, lemon). It is also necessary to avoid dishes that are too sweet, which would have the effect of reinforcing the tannins of the wine, which would seem very drying. Finally, certain vegetables and spices with aniseed notes prevent the aromatic palette of a wine from being revealed.

If you want to enjoy your wine at the table, we recommend white fish (turbot, monkfish, cod). Mushrooms, red meats, white meats and certain cheeses go very well with a bottle of Château Roudier.