Château Roudier, family history

In the 19th century, Château Roudier was divided into two parts : one part belonged to Vacher family and the other part belonged to Berthon family.

At the time of Jean Vacher’s death , who was the Major of Montagne during the period 1887 to 1925, his part was acquired by Ernest Berthon. Involved in Montagne, Ernest Bethon was the Major during 1925 to 1929.

Whereupon, Roger Capdemourlin, who was son-in-law, exploited the property during a good thirty years.


  Jacques et Françoise CAPDEMOURLIN

Whereupon, Jacques Capdemourlin, his son, has taken over from his father

In the 1970’s, the vineyard has grown 6 hectares, which foster the strong reputation. Today, the wine estate covers an area of 42 hectares, including 30 hectares of vine.

Jacques went to the University of Bordeaux, attended course to teacher’s Penaud. Whereupon he have put in place many innovative methods on a vine-planting programme and best process of vinification.

His wife,  Françoise, native of Saint-Emilion, is a best hostess. Physics teacher, she supports her husband when he realises differents wine missions.


Their son, Thierry share the common passion. He accompanies his father throuhghout the entire project of the proprieties.

He perceived a need to increase the protection of nature and the environment. To do so, it’s important to integrate biodiversity considerations into all the wine process.

Supported by an expert staff, he works to improve the quality of his wine.

Commercial director, today, he is brand ambassador all over the world.